What You Need to Know

What We Supply

Our 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 Person Bungalow Packages include:

  •  holes drilled inside & out

  •  gaffe hook & ice scoop

  •  thermostat controlled propane furnace

  •  propane stove & lights

  •  BBQ

  •  dishes, utensils, pots & pans

  •  bunk beds

  •  table & chairs

  •  food cooler

  •  private heated toilet facilities

What you Supply

Your personal comfort items include:

  •  sleeping bag

  •  pillow

  •  towels

  •  food

  •  personal items

  •  ice chair

  •  games, playing cards, etc.

  •  flashlight

  •  warm winter clothing

  •  fillet knife

  •  favorite jigs & equipment

  •  fishing license

  •  generator if you want AC power

Rental Terms


Snowfari Adventures accepts no liability for any loss or damage to any personal property or personal injury of any kind whatsoever while in transit or during the use of any Bungalow or Snowfari Adventure facility. All activities will be weather permitting.


You will be responsible for any broken, lost or damaged inventory items. There will be an additional charge for any excessively unclean bungalows resulting from neglect or irresponsible activity in or around the ice bungalows.


Should we have to cancel your booking due to unsafe ice conditions, every effort will be made to rebook your visit.


All guests agree with Snowfari Adventures to abide by the fishing regulations and catch limits as set out by the Ontario MNR for Lake Nipissing.
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